Spiritual Valentine

The rare quality of beauty that you display so well

Is like that of fragrant flowers blooming near the banks of waters, still

Or the beauty of the clouds when imagination takes its hold

Or the thrill of aspiration when something good has been foretold


The rare quality of beauty that you simply magnify

Has tumbled many a hearts as they casually walk by

Your graciousness and love show forth to be heaven sent

You say, to love me you would die, but in truth could this be meant?


Your rare quality of beauty speaks well of royalty

Like a crown of purest truth and robed in loyalty

With fashion set by Spirit adorned with angelic flare

And sung with the praises that it will always be there


Come on, let’s be fair. What chance could I have with you?

You, with beauty rare, and I, the jester, playing the fool

Come on, let’s be fair. What chance could there ever be…

For somebody like you to fall for somebody like me?


Jesus… thank you for loving me.



© JW Thomas

[* Repost of “Come On Let’s Be Fair” for Valentine’s]


Let’s dance au naturale’

[* Here is something for traditionalists for Valentine’s Day.]


There she is wearing her smile and that sweet perfume

Giving the look from her sultry eyes, inviting me to the room

With just one thought on her mind she turns the music on

Let’s dance au naturale’ from dusk now until dawn


Let’s dance au naturale’ from dusk now until dawn

Holding each other close without the need to fawn

Without the need for words we’ll let our bodies speak

Asking for life commitments with no thought that it’s not chic’


As I walk through the door I gaze upon her grace

Her movement bespeaks beauty like the aura about her face

My skin begins to tingle and my heart begins to pound

But the love so ever-present drowns out the other sounds


So caught up in the moment I see her dress the bed

Then thoughts in-line with passion as her clothes begin to shed

At this point I realize it was right for us to wait

Till this day of wedding vows, now it’s sacred to consummate



© JW Thomas

Cupid sipped the suds

[Here’s a humorous poem/lyric in honor of Valentine’s Day soon approaching.]


The day that Cupid sipped the suds, then let the arrow fly

Not catching me in the heart, but right between the eyes

He was not aware of the danger to my life

When my eyes began to wander in the presence of my wife


Cupid… I’ll get you for this!    Next time try Alcoholics Anonymous!


I did not know what came over me, my head began to whirl

Sending me to the Twilight Zone with the urge to watch the girls

This wouldn’t have been so bad had I not been with my mate

But when my eyes filled with T&A, her eyes they filled with hate


She said, Mister you’d better put those eyes back in your head

Before you wake up tomorrow to find that you’re now dead

As well you can imagine, this did not bring me joy

So then I tried to snub the girls but wound-up acting coy


Cupid… I’ll get you for this!    Next time try Alcoholics Anonymous! (x2)


I could not help it though, Cupid’s potion kept me flirting

Don’t you think I’d stop if I could, knowing soon I may be hurting?

Then out poured words of mush, romance and sentiment

And the stare my wife was giving said I’d soon be in cement


Well I tried to tell my Sweetie, I don’t know what’s come over me

But she soon brought up divorce, if I wanted to be free

I said, Baby that’s not it, but to tell you just sounds stupid

When I feel like a victim of an intoxicated cupid


Cupid… I’ll get you for this!    Next time try Alcoholics Anonymous! (x2)


Oh things would be so easy if Cupid didn’t drink

When Cupid sips the suds things really begin to stink

He goes all to pieces and his aim is less than fair

He just lets arrows fly, knowing they must land somewhere


Cupid… I’ll get you for this!    Next time try Alcoholics Anonymous!


Well, the potion finally wore off and I regained control

Yes, I survived the danger to my body and my soul

And my sweet darlin’ kissed me, as if we hadn’t fought

And I no longer look at T&A… unless I can’t get caught



© JW Thomas