Compatibility of the Sexes



When a good girl and a bad boy get betrothed,

he glimpses heaven while she catches hell,

their sex life is fast, furious, sporadic, and fleeting,

and the only heavenly treatment she’ll ever get

is during recuperation from her injuries in Saint something-or-other Hospital.

When a bad girl and a good boy get hitched

it is heaven up front but hell in the end

when he finds out the “good” sex was only her way

of gaining financial security through divorce of another love-struck fool.

When a bad boy and bad girl get together

their marriage is hell on Earth… but

with a sex life so heavenly satisfying

it must inevitably damn them for eternity.

When a good boy and good girl join as one

their marriage is the perfect union, heaven on Earth

with a sex life so hellishly boring

it can actually earn them sainthood…

unless, of course, they pretend to be bad in the bedroom.



© JW Thomas




Humans and animals often go to great lengths when the urge takes hold or the need arises. He never looked my direction, just made a beeline for you. I had a bird’s eye view from start to finish. He took the dominant role quickly. You lay prone, submissive, as he hovered beside and over you for ease of access. You were already naked below the waist with a fragrant helping of morning dew on the landscape. He watched your reaction as he ripped open your blouse. The buttons flew in all directions. Then one slice with the knife and your bra was no longer an obstacle. I wondered if you felt the cold steel. Your skin was already flushed. He covered your mouth with his in an impassioned urgency for life and the adrenaline rush. Your breasts undulated like the swells of a stormy sea under the forceful manipulation of his hands. Your eyes had the glassy distant stare of extreme pleasure or pain: ecstasy or death. As one guy watching another I had to admire his ability… and resolve. But, naturally, I was a bit jealous. Yes, just a bit. After all, he’s the second guy I saw you with today.

The first bled out.

Now that the lust of you and he is nearly sated… my blood-lust burns.

staring eyes1

© JW Thomas


Jerry drumming #1


in tune with Mother Earth


the community drum


a harmonic chord


with the turbulent water


from shore-to-shore


taut tanned skins


the fiery flesh


of a lover’s heart


push to orgasm


pull prior to ejaculation


multiple orgasmic bliss


all night jam session



[photo by Anthony Johnson]

© JW Thomas

No Love for Twister


Stars shine bright on an indigo night

Vision far-seeing and focused

Moon mirrors my love for you

Day breaks forth when Morning comes

Sun steps on-stage to set Earth Mother aglow

It glows brightest where you stand

Evidence of pleasure without measure

Satisfaction complete with morning dew

Cleansing need inspires naked rain dance

Bathing beat in rain – spellbinding attraction

Lures Lightning’s attention and flashing affection

Bolts of synergy and sexual arousal

Thunder hears, Thunder sees, and Thunder roars

At Lightning’s illuminated faux pas

Moving to the beat of a mortal

Twister heard Thunder tales, came to see ‘tis true

He laughed at Lightning’s shocking antics

Then saw you and loved at first sight

He tried to wind his way into your heart

Your rebuff smacked his spiral hard

He cried awhile… fizzled… and was no more

© JW Thomas

Greatest thing I never saw

Per Imp #260001

The greatest thing I never saw

an attempt to get my attention

Dawn Dancer’s desire

prayerful promise passing lips

come to grips with conditioned heart

romance rendition

Indigenous Cupid with arrows aplenty

no flaws

no cause to doubt

Who better to know than an archer like her?


no waster of words

no trap man with full stomach

skin visions

better food for thought

“Dare to bare

show warrior you care”

said Grandmother

Aspire to fill desire

Visual feast fans the flames

Passion fire

ignite the beast

Fevered brow

smoldering eyes

No blush of modesty

Hot to touch

fantasy fed

Love’s odyssey

Make haste

in motion

create commotion


dance au natural

Emotion stirs

body framed

glass partition

picture window

Curtains apart

Shower power

sans towel

 Heart palpitation

For my eyes

should be elation

as I worked in yard

But Coyote called

partnered with Sun

rays dance… glisten

like diamonds on glass

vision obscured

nothing passed pane seen

Naked and awestruck

dumbfounded by this

 Should be embracing

tasting the bliss

“How can he rebuff

and leave with no kiss?”

Never would have

had I but known

Optic illusion

foiled attempt

Complete my work

finished alone

Contempt grew

for Coyote that day

when the vision of beauty


came to say

“I gave you a chance

a chance you did spurn”

Yet anger subsided

turned by compassion

guided by love

fashioned with truth

“Cuz’ you were tricked

by Coyote’s slick ways

I’ll double your pleasure

visuals and touch”

The promise was honored

all ways

all means

Moments like these

learn to treasure

Like dreams they lift

life from the dust

with trust she did give

much from her heart

a true gift

Old ways

commitment takes part

honor and cherish

till the end

from the start

The greatest thing I never saw

she soon showed me day and night

Never tired of her beauty

visions sweet and holy


I felt compelled


and sight with insight

No regrets

living and learning

flame of love still burning

Death will not part us

merely transform love

from life to eternal life

Per Imp #280001

© JW Thomas