Love’s Journey


“Love’s Journey”

A collaboration by JW and Cathy

All my life I have searched for you

in the forest, woods, meadows, and glades

first in the light, then shadows, then dark;

convinced that I would instantly know

your voice, your lips, your touch

Yet dreams remained dreams, and you an illusion

And I was alone, a wolf without a mate… or pack;

tempted, sad, faithless

I sought out others but they were not real

None could fill the void that only you could

A void with your shape to complete me

The others? Only flimsy constructs that fell apart

Beneath the weight of broken vows and time

All my life I have searched for the one

That knew his place

Accepted it completely

Heart, mind, and soul

The one that would make me whole

Be my reason to be; my purpose

Guide, mentor, master

Teaching me through actions, not words

My true self reborn and acknowledged through his eyes

A possessor of unconditional… and limitless… love

To fill all the empty caverns inside

That were carved out with an angry knife

Slice, by slice, by bloody slice

All my life I have searched for you, my Alpha

Had finally given up hope, cast aside the fantasy

Resigned myself to ever be

A lone wolf… isolated in darkness

Hidden away in my den, licking my many wounds

Until death would set me free

Then you appeared

Shone your light into my caliginosity

I became aware

A reawakening

It was then I truly knew freedom

For the very first time

To be who I was meant to be

To be with who I was meant to be

My master, my love, my forever Alpha


You can read it here at Building Castles in the Air along with her other talented work.


By the Numbers: to Love

A thousand miles of memories

have passed since our goodbyes

Hard to believe

it was yesterday

A hundred songs I’ve sung

poetic verse that stung

Lips wet to kiss

forbidden today

A score of sightings thought to be

you in periphery

Simple ghost tale

one haunted by love

A dozen days of purgatory

from town-to-town sans you

Eternal wind

born wild and free

A single door that separates

passion from pleasure

Treasures unfurled

turn key and open






She never stopped waiting for you


© JW Thomas

She Comes For Me

[Collaboration with Mary Cathleen Clark: continuation from male perspective.]


needing release from her past

mountains of emotional debris

chaotic, confused, cluttered history

she yearns to breathe…  and she comes to me

wantonly adorned, covered in lust

a love unconditionally

pairing her passions with mine

symbiotic compatibility…   and she comes for me

bowed head, downcast eyes

she kneels upon my bed

we two become one

tears of joy are shed…   and she comes for me

she relinquishes control

I gladly bear the burden

malleable, compliant, sculpting

moans of change heard within…   and she comes for me

ceremonially stripped

rediscovery through my eyes

soulful, cathartic, released

her submission conquers a life of lies…   and she comes for me

rebirth comes in many forms

dying to self, reborn passionately

utterly, completely, freed

truly content just to be “she”…   and she comes… and comes… for me

© JW Thomas

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