Fashionable or not

Per Imp #20001


Fashionable or not,

faith in beauty remains as fickle

as the ever-changing fads it inspires.

After all, fashion is merely another person’s

opinion of how you should look or act.

Find what makes you happy

and ditch the rest.

Outside or inside,

if your reflection isn’t perfection

you’ve got no right to judge.

And what good is a high IQ

to anyone dumb enough to judge others

by the way they look?

Condemnation of another person’s

imperfections has always been

a sign of simpletons.

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No matter how richly they’re adorned.

To those unable to see the beauty here,

come back when you mature.

To iterate; it’s overlooking imperfections

which draws us closer to perfection.

Especially since no one honestly relates

to Madison Avenue:

scars are the “Real Thing”.

Our differences make us special: unique.

Not our similarities, but our differences

which perfectly distinguish us.

Hate me for my differences

and you hate yourself.

Condemn me for my imperfections

and you condemn yourself.

Only by accepting me

can you truly accept yourself.

Per Imp #40001

© JW Thomas


The Human Condition

Per Imp #10001

The human condition is far from perfect,

and yet there’s still no greater beauty.

In fact, the closest we can get to perfection

is in overcoming our imperfections,

while overlooking those of others.

Though it is true, imperfections, like beauty,

are in the eye of the beholder.

Nothing can be done to alter that fact.

A person cannot be forced to view others

through more compassionate eyes

in order to see the true beauty.

It’s their God-given right to be a fool.

Needless to say,

it is wiser to be true to oneself…

scars and all.

Heed not those who habitually point out

the imperfections of others, as they

simultaneously, though ignorantly,

spotlight their own.

Those who confess no imperfections shine a

beacon on that which they confess.

To judge without knowing is like intelligence

without common sense, it’s nonsense.

How one responds to imperfections, one’s own

or others, is a great indicator to

individual self-worth.

Therefore, sex appeal isn’t what others see in you,

it’s what you see in yourself.

Per Imp #80001

Love can always look beyond imperfections

to find the beauty.


Including a healthy love of self.

A proper course of action:

cease dwelling on imperfections.

The cost is too great.

Everything of substance is forfeited in the process.

Imperfection is a part of life,

deal with it and move on.

You’re perfectly imperfect just as you are.

And if you show me anyone without a blemish

I’ll show you someone to avoid when

the shit hits the fan.

Part of the grand design is that humans can

overcome imperfections, individually and

collectively, proving miracles still happen.

Which does not imply all such miracles include

a transformation from

imperfection to perfection.

Nor does it imply mere acceptance.

Humans conquer their imperfections by not

allowing the obstacle control over their

lives: keeping them from their desires.

Individuality, confidence, peace of mind:

Living with imperfections.

Never allowing imperfections to hinder

living to the fullest.

Per Imp #220001

© JW Thomas

The Perfect Ideal

Per Imp #90001

The perfect ideal.

A pristine face.

An impeccable body.

Say it isn’t so.




How remarkably inhuman.

Nothing of substance to glory in.

So unlike the human condition.

Simply unbelievable.

Doubtless, the romantic strives to

articulate the perfect ideal.

And let us not forget the artistic


vast and varied are these

attempts to portray it.

Yet could it ever be?

Not likely.

Point of fact:

Flawless beauty is an oxymoron.

Then, pray tell, who are the “beautiful

people” we hear so much about?

The creators and perpetrators of the


Or equally disillusioned?

What manner of person willfully

elevates themselves above others

merely by appearance?

Who is the actual court jester?

The person looked down upon,

or the one doing the looking?

After all, flaws in character are

equally, if not more, detrimental

than flaws in appearance.

© JW Thomas

Per Imp #130001