Humans and animals often go to great lengths when the urge takes hold or the need arises. He never looked my direction, just made a beeline for you. I had a bird’s eye view from start to finish. He took the dominant role quickly. You lay prone, submissive, as he hovered beside and over you for ease of access. You were already naked below the waist with a fragrant helping of morning dew on the landscape. He watched your reaction as he ripped open your blouse. The buttons flew in all directions. Then one slice with the knife and your bra was no longer an obstacle. I wondered if you felt the cold steel. Your skin was already flushed. He covered your mouth with his in an impassioned urgency for life and the adrenaline rush. Your breasts undulated like the swells of a stormy sea under the forceful manipulation of his hands. Your eyes had the glassy distant stare of extreme pleasure or pain: ecstasy or death. As one guy watching another I had to admire his ability… and resolve. But, naturally, I was a bit jealous. Yes, just a bit. After all, he’s the second guy I saw you with today.

The first bled out.

Now that the lust of you and he is nearly sated… my blood-lust burns.

staring eyes1

© JW Thomas


Case of the Missing Ring

[*Years ago my step-son (9-years-old at the time) asked me if I could tell him about one of my private investigative cases for his class project. Well, I never spoke of my real cases outside of work, but I didn’t want to let him down, so I came up with the following micro-story on the spur of the moment… and it got him an “A”]


I was hired to find a missing ring at a bell factory.

I was told that no one had been allowed to leave since the ring came up missing.

So I had every worker hold up their hands, and the missing ring was not on any of their fingers.

Then I had them empty all their pockets, and still the missing ring was not found.

So I had every worker shake their bells, and every bell went “ding-ding.”

Then I had each worker jump up and down while shaking their bells, and quickly discovered the culprit, since they all went “ding-ding” except one. It went “ring-a-ding-ding.”

A detective must be open-minded to all possibilities. Had I been looking only for a missing finger ring I never would have solved the case.

Moving Upward (micro story)

Jason is trying to get his life back together after a devastating accident that took the love of his life, and nearly left him disabled. It had been two years since he last climbed, and his mind and body were still trying to get in sync.

My God, he thought, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew on this first attempt.

The wind was starting to pick up, and his arms and legs were beginning to feel like jelly, but he would not quit.

Remember Kayley, he thought. She’d never want me to quit. To admit defeat.

He pressed on, looking for the next handhold, the next step. He was straining with each move to reach higher, to reach farther, until the goal was accomplished.

I’m doing it, Baby!

He heard less and less of the sound from down below. The small watercraft still made their way to-and-fro under the bridge. The vehicles carrying mostly families to and from their weekend ventures to town appeared to be fading away as well. Even the animal sounds that had been prevalent during the beginning of his climb were little more than momentary interruptions to the growing silence at this elevation.

I can almost hear you urging me forward, my love, Jason thought as he dangled precariously off the cliff with a solitary handhold, while reaching into his pouch and re-chalking his other hand. He then copied the move on his other side, and up he went, one more stretch complete, one more milestone achieved.

“Oh shit!” Jason said as a frightened seagull took flight from its lonely perch, now invaded by the alien-looking human hand, almost causing Jason to lose his concentration and his grip.

“Sorry fella,” said Jason, while reestablishing a stronger hold. That reminds me of the snake incident in Nevada, Baby, he thought. Do you remember?

He was sure she did. After all, she ragged him about it for nearly a year following the incident; claiming he knew there would be snakes that high on the cliff, and did not tell her merely for a joke.

I was so afraid you wouldn’t go out with me again after that, he thought.

However, he need not have worried. By the time the snake made its unexpected appearance she had already fallen deeply in love with the shy but extremely adventurous young man who took nearly eight months to ask her out.

I know it took a long time to ask you, Baby, he thought, but I will forever be grateful that you took mercy on a shy fool like me.

He was nearly to the top, and his strength was beginning to be renewed. No, he had not received his second wind – he had remembered his inspiration.


© JW Thomas