Jerry drumming #1


in tune with Mother Earth


the community drum


a harmonic chord


with the turbulent water


from shore-to-shore


taut tanned skins


the fiery flesh


of a lover’s heart


push to orgasm


pull prior to ejaculation


multiple orgasmic bliss


all night jam session



[photo by Anthony Johnson]

© JW Thomas


Mother of Iron



Mother of Iron… Mother of Steel

Goes through the hard times, but she can still feel

Keeping the faith… the faith alive

Keeping the faith… the faith alive

I’ve seen her with nothing

I’ve seen her with cupboards bare

I’ve seen her with good reason to be bitter

But she still finds strength to care

She’s stronger than steel

Yet softer than silk

And her love is far better for us

Than even natural healthy Mother’s milk

She is life giving rain

To weather beaten hearts

She’s sunshine dancing on waves

Nautically steering, while viewing her charts

She’s Proverbs thirty-one

To all those close to touch

No thoughts of ever changing

For as she is, we love her so much

Mother of Iron… Mother of Steel

Mother of Pearl from above

Mother of Sunshine… Mother of Rain

Bearing the burdens and easing the pain

Mother of Iron… Mother of Steel

Goes through the hard times, but she can still feel

Keeping the faith… the faith alive

Keeping the faith… the faith alive

© JW Thomas

[believe it’s a reblog, but cannot locate original]


Fluid expulsion

prepare for air



Rump smack wail

rude awakening



somebody’s stoked


flesh on flesh

lips to nips


Fits the bill

till over-fill

Pat the back

spit up and yak

Tasty times

Daily routines

Strange sensation

new scents

gut wind



Parental elation

plumbing works

quirky standards

test of time

Time passes

Social interaction





Skill acquisition

Physical escalation

Irresistible force


character trait


Pride – self-esteem

team player








tour of duty


A look

a touch

a word



don’t push!



© JW Thomas

No Love for Twister


Stars shine bright on an indigo night

Vision far-seeing and focused

Moon mirrors my love for you

Day breaks forth when Morning comes

Sun steps on-stage to set Earth Mother aglow

It glows brightest where you stand

Evidence of pleasure without measure

Satisfaction complete with morning dew

Cleansing need inspires naked rain dance

Bathing beat in rain – spellbinding attraction

Lures Lightning’s attention and flashing affection

Bolts of synergy and sexual arousal

Thunder hears, Thunder sees, and Thunder roars

At Lightning’s illuminated faux pas

Moving to the beat of a mortal

Twister heard Thunder tales, came to see ‘tis true

He laughed at Lightning’s shocking antics

Then saw you and loved at first sight

He tried to wind his way into your heart

Your rebuff smacked his spiral hard

He cried awhile… fizzled… and was no more

© JW Thomas

Utter Bliss

Per Imp #250001

Utter bliss.



Pure, yet fleeting.

Six-months at best,

following a twenty-year void.

From the black hole to exaltation.

From nothingness… to “BOOM!”

When independence craves

depended on…

And single accepts double and change.

Though change changed once more…

and again…

and has yet to cease.

Per Imp #280001

Bliss is gone.

No tracks to follow.

Perhaps a whisper.

A thought.


A dream… often forgotten,

since dreams are equally fleeting.

And yet Love remains without Bliss.

Still tested.

Still pure… Even more than before.

No dross remains.


The fiery furnace of life’s trials.

Sparing nothing…

except perhaps,

the final curtain call.

Yet Love does more than linger.

Love survives.




Though Love’s thirst is quenched

through a daily rain of tears.

Tears at the hands of the infamous foe

who chased young Bliss away.

Sickness was who came calling,

and he did not come alone.

Masked… disguised.

Per Imp #260001

A battleground of flesh.

A battle six-plus years and still going.

Like all wars, it’s taken its toll.

The battleground is ravaged.

Consequently, only those engaged

in the battle know the true worth

of the battlefield where blood is spilled.

The womb of war.

The birth of pain.

Yet True Love sees passed the scars,

into the thousand yard stare,

and never loses sight of a soul-mate.

Hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart combat,

no matter how the flesh may change.

Thus, the loss of Bliss is bearable

as long as Love remains.

Yet woe to all where Love departs…

and woe upon woe

where he or she’s never been.

Per Imp #240001

© Jerry Thomas

Love’s Journey


“Love’s Journey”

A collaboration by JW and Cathy

All my life I have searched for you

in the forest, woods, meadows, and glades

first in the light, then shadows, then dark;

convinced that I would instantly know

your voice, your lips, your touch

Yet dreams remained dreams, and you an illusion

And I was alone, a wolf without a mate… or pack;

tempted, sad, faithless

I sought out others but they were not real

None could fill the void that only you could

A void with your shape to complete me

The others? Only flimsy constructs that fell apart

Beneath the weight of broken vows and time

All my life I have searched for the one

That knew his place

Accepted it completely

Heart, mind, and soul

The one that would make me whole

Be my reason to be; my purpose

Guide, mentor, master

Teaching me through actions, not words

My true self reborn and acknowledged through his eyes

A possessor of unconditional… and limitless… love

To fill all the empty caverns inside

That were carved out with an angry knife

Slice, by slice, by bloody slice

All my life I have searched for you, my Alpha

Had finally given up hope, cast aside the fantasy

Resigned myself to ever be

A lone wolf… isolated in darkness

Hidden away in my den, licking my many wounds

Until death would set me free

Then you appeared

Shone your light into my caliginosity

I became aware

A reawakening

It was then I truly knew freedom

For the very first time

To be who I was meant to be

To be with who I was meant to be

My master, my love, my forever Alpha


You can read it here at Building Castles in the Air along with her other talented work.

If I Told You


If I told you I dreamed life into being would you see possibility?

If I told you I fell from the sky when Poacher slew Eagle would you understand the feather hat band?

If I told you I gave a hero’s name to a coward in the guise of an imposter do you think the truth is better left unspoken?

If I told you I fathered my father as he fathered his, yet my son fathered no one, can you tell me how I came to be?

If I told you a hunter shot an arrow through my heart on the day that I was prey; pray tell me, please, how this buck loved the hunter ever-more?

If I told you I was noble with royal ancestry and blue-blood in my veins, could you understand the blessing of living in poverty from my birth?

If I told you I had an introspective talk with Bear, while Coyote conversed with Hare, and Crow played paddy-feathers with Hawk, could you tell me which was worthy to remember?

If I told you I carved totems of the ancient ones while blindfolded in the bowels of Mother Earth, can you guess my connection to you?

If I told you I’ve saved lives and gave life, will it cleanse me for those I’ve killed? And if I told you life is death and death is life, can you reason beyond the madness?

If I told you I am coming home, will you die for me? And on the day that I depart, do you promise to live again?

If I told you I’ve lied the truth and built truth out of lies, can we agree I’m an honest man?

If I told you that I love you, would you see me now anew and know you hold the key to all I’ve said?



© JW Thomas