Fashionable or not

Per Imp #20001


Fashionable or not,

faith in beauty remains as fickle

as the ever-changing fads it inspires.

After all, fashion is merely another person’s

opinion of how you should look or act.

Find what makes you happy

and ditch the rest.

Outside or inside,

if your reflection isn’t perfection

you’ve got no right to judge.

And what good is a high IQ

to anyone dumb enough to judge others

by the way they look?

Condemnation of another person’s

imperfections has always been

a sign of simpletons.

Per Imp #140001

No matter how richly they’re adorned.

To those unable to see the beauty here,

come back when you mature.

To iterate; it’s overlooking imperfections

which draws us closer to perfection.

Especially since no one honestly relates

to Madison Avenue:

scars are the “Real Thing”.

Our differences make us special: unique.

Not our similarities, but our differences

which perfectly distinguish us.

Hate me for my differences

and you hate yourself.

Condemn me for my imperfections

and you condemn yourself.

Only by accepting me

can you truly accept yourself.

Per Imp #40001

© JW Thomas



So I’m telling you here now don’t feel sad

If you don’t think it’s cool to keep up with fads

Following fashion don’t mean a damn thing

Looking like a prince and acting like a queen


Fashion designers with world fame

You don’t buy their clothes you pay for their name

A fashion genius, his opinion is law

To shell out the bucks’ winter, summer, spring, and fall


Fashion! A fool’s passion

Fashion! A fool’s passion

It doesn’t mean one good damn thing


What makes fashion great when you let people starve?

You walk right past them just to use your charge card

Can’t you pass on one dress? Can’t you pass on one blouse?

To help a little child without food in her house


Well, I know I’m nobody here singing this song

But faith in fashion is just dead wrong

Put your faith in God and your love in mankind

And it won’t be your dress but your life that shines     (to chorus)


Quit running around trying to be chic’

Giving money to those who tell you, “Kiss my feet”

It’s better to have confidence in yourself

Than those fashion rags you will throw on the shelf


Come on people you’ve got to understand

It’s what’s inside that makes you woman or man

If you need to be told by Vogue or GQ

What you should wear, adulthood’s not for you   (to chorus)


Kick out fashion for some real style

Get back to the you… you haven’t seen for awhile

Let people see who you really are

Because in each of us there’s a shining star



© JW Thomas