Tricky Rick is Dead: Goodbye Little Coyote


A carefree day

Beaver stays busy

Salmon travel

Cougar roams

Eagle soars

I listen to the symphony

fluid sounds of lake,

creek, and brook

North Wind’s turn to conduct

melodious tunes:

light, airy, breezy

Sway of branch

dance of leaf

inspired vocals

tweet bird, tweet

Cues to laugh,




Ancestral home

visible for miles

Missed cue

by technology:

ring-tone clamor

ancient Hammer hip-hop

need upbeat Mother Earth apology

Voice of lost love

suspicion aroused

“J-Bear, you cool?”

Does glacier worry about snow flake?

All is frosty

“It’s about Little Brother:

Little Coyote.”

Spirit Guide robbed her punch line

Tricky Rick is dead!




Land of the Devil Sun

Late night on a lonely road

Backseat rider

business bound

Staring down the bright lights of woe

Two-ton bullet gaining speed


At the helm

a DUI three-peat

Slim Picken’s imitation

rocket rodeo

missile madness

No time to act

No place to go

except where faith

may make it so

Fire-water scores four more

One married to addiction:

three collateral damage

but the count’s too low

What about opposites

and offspring?

Little Coyote’s wife

leaving hospital:

Gave birth to their first,

now grieving

Daughter now daddy-less

Is that not collateral damage?

Statistically speaking,

who speaks for

ghost statistics?

Who qualifies

the unregistered quantity?

So much concern for criminals

Much less for crime victims

Don’t blame color-blindness

gender prejudice


political incorrectness

or financial deficiency

Lady Justice is blind

to personal responsibility

She’s a gold-diggin’ bitch

with a greedy itch

Where, pray tell, is my compassion?

Spread among the innocent dead

and kith and kin

Destroyed when Mr. Booze

performed a dozen

long-necked elbow bends

scorned common sense

chose to drive

Giving no thought to the living

Receiving no mercy in the end

When Wolf tells Moon

a lunar joke

Crow caws just because

and Coyote abandons his den

© JW Thomas


Natural Selection or Intelligent Design?


“You put your signature on the whole Universe,

but they still can’t read your handwriting.”

Natural scientists who believe the Darwinian theory of evolution are living proof that you can have intelligence without common sense. However, intelligence without common sense is nonsense.

With regard to natural selection: how can there be any form of selection without some form of intelligence? How could something without any intelligence be expected to make the infinite number of choices in order to evolve from absolute nothingness to the present human condition?

After all, without intelligence, what inspired the so-called progression of random variations? And how could any non-intellectual force select which of the variations is best suited as the next evolutionary step?

Simply put, if it is indeed random, the law of average would take effect. So even if it got lucky and “chose” the best once or twice, it would eventually choose a destructive path.

After all, without intelligence there is nothing to base the decision on. It could not possibly know what is or isn’t the best choice to evolve. In fact, why would it even be trying to evolve if it has no intelligence to realize it needs to?

In other words, how can anything without some form of intelligence even know what condition or state it is presently in? It would have no reason to think it needs to evolve, or how to act upon that need. — And, without intelligence, what would have instituted the natural law in the first place?

Consequently, I do believe in a modified form of natural law, it is one that was set in motion by an intelligent Creator. 



 © JW Thomas


Way of the Warrior


The way of the warrior is only honorable

in defense of oneself or others

Not for the theft of nations –

the rape of neighbors –

the acquisition of slaves –

the burning of babes

To follow a fool into battle

is to be a fool

To be led by those with greed

against lesser foes with need

you must sacrifice your soul

as fodder

Tell me, my people

when to the Great Spirit

your voices call

Does He answer?

Or does He turn in shame?

© JW Thomas

Sky Father and Earth Mother

Christ earth

Every opportunity should

be taken to eavesdrop

on interactions between

Sky Father and Earth Mother

Love of Creator for

Creation is infinite

Love of Creation for

Creator is reverent

Like a husband lightly

blowing a caressing

wind along the

supple curves of

his newlywed wife

Sky Father awakens

Mother Earth with

the gentle kiss of breath

Barely perceptible

at times;

nary a flutter of leaf


blade of grass

Alas, sense of arousal

simple and sensual

Does Mother Earth

get goose-pimples?

Unimportant –

arousal is certain

Morning dew is evident

lightly spent

Morning Glory

Observation is key

between finite



Interactions never cease

Spirit Father

one with Mother Nature

sweet release

Daily quest to please

Lunar gravity

push and pull action

Day-Night rotation

emotional delight

Annual orbit

sun-kissed solar fare


beyond compare

to lowly man-

kind and kindred

History ever so brief

and grief through greed

with scars to Earth Mother

She bore humans

woman and man

nurtured and nourished

She’s repaid with pain


misuse and abuse

Sky Father is torn

Pure passion for

planetary paramour

constant need to please

Yet pride in man

deserving discipline

more often than praise

So I spy

on the glories

of Earth and Sky

Childlike observance

of parental paragons

To learn of love

through the whispering wind

and thunderous roar,

through volcanic eruptions

and wave-licked beaches,

through rain-soaked forests

and shifting desert dunes,

through alpine silence

and climatic glacial moans,

and twisters and blusters

and hurricane gales,

tsunamis and rogue-waves

and cavernous wails…

and groans

A peace beyond understanding

Harmony beyond recognition

Marred by human interaction

And yet –

we are their offspring,

the culmination of their love,

with the capacity

to love in return

Sky Father –

teach me to love

my family

as You love yours

Earth Mother –

teach me to nurture

the next generation

from season-to-season

as you do

mother earth1

© JW Thomas


The Creator did not, as some suppose, wait so long to make contact with His creations. It was mankind that took so long to realize the Creator was trying to communicate.

No doubt thousands of attempts have been made by the Creator to communicate with a species slow to comprehend the spirit language of Sky Father.

Can Ant comprehend Man? And if he cannot, how can he comprehend Earth Mother, our galaxy, or the universe?

Is Man more competent than Ant to comprehend what lies beyond the universe… or who created it?

Has not mankind continuously failed to live and communicate harmoniously with itself? And yet, humans have the audacity to claim that “God is dead or never existed, or there wouldn’t be a communication break-down.”

Sky Father is amused that our species – even after learning late in the scheme of things that Sun does not revolve around us – still remains convinced that we are the center of the universe and masters of our domain. Would we not be equally amused if a tadpole developing legs considered itself the king of the sea?


© JW Thomas

Great Spirit

One orgasmic burst of creativity

the Great Spirit created all

set all in motion with a word

positioned natural laws to maintain

barred the Spirit World from Unbelief

left Faith a path to freely follow

chose fatherhood for Himself

spawned a diverse family

gave them freedom of choice

Great Spirit knew

forced love is no love at all

merely an illusion

Great Spirit desired relationships

He is appalled by religious substitutes

human constructs

all the evil done in His name


© JW Thomas


The mystery

is not what the Great Spirit

will make of us,

but what we make of ourselves

with the gifts

and free choice

Edoda (God/Father) has bestowed.

Has the Unehlanvhi (Creator)

set Himself up as taskmaster?

We are not shackled

by spiritual bonds.

We are not flogged

by anidawehi (angels).

We are not served

to Asgina (Beast/Devil) for lunch,

merely tempted.

When we succumb

we share responsibility

with the tempter

Why blame the All-Seer?

Freewill bears responsibility

and consequence

of each choice.

The only protection from blunders

is to wed Wisdom.


© JW Thomas