I have lived another day


(Society’s Storyboard #1: Let your mind imagine)

I have drawn the world in dots and lines and created Society’s Storyboards.

I have danced with dreams in the pale moon light while Moon and Stars turned not away.

I have crossed the seven seas with Big Blue Whale surfing rogue and tidal waves.

I have flown with Eagle, Hawk, and Owl with Sky Father’s gift of condor wings.

I have conversed with Mr. Lady Bug, who has learned to love the name.

I have shared my den with two bear cubs when empty tummies made mama go fishing.

I have drunk a thousand kegs of beer and pissed a river of wine.

I have smiled to win a woman and sparked a war instead.

I have run with Wolf in the Great North Woods, and rode atop Turtle’s shell.

I have shot an arrow from cloud-to-cloud to sew a bridal veil.

I have painted face and beat the drum in the world of skin and bones.

I have ridden Pegasus to the land of sand where Wealth weds Poverty.

I have lived another day in the place of my birth: born in the Imagi-Nation.


© JW Thomas


The True Perfection of Humanity

Per Imp #30001

The true perfection of humanity,

in a sense,

lies within our imperfections.

And vice-versa:

Beauty can be an imperfection.

Doubtless, not the common-thread

we would’ve selected

for ourselves.

Yet a bond, never-the-less,

binding us together.

Humans are equally yoked

in imperfection.

Alas, perfection is merely a state

of mind: often misconceived.

Humanity is a state of being:

a state where we each reside.


Who then, when equally yoked,

has the right to condemn?

Per Imp #200001

Yes, beauty has its appeal,

but it’s still a façade.

After all, today’s beauty

is tomorrow’s has been;

like today’s wannabe

is tomorrow’s never was.

Attempting to uplift oneself

by degrading another;

especially when unable to prove

one’s own perfection; is, sadly,

more than a waste of breath.

It’s a prevailing symptom

of an epidemic.

An ever-increasing pastime…

An ill-inspired comedy of errors…

With but one fate…

a Greek tragedy.

© JW Thomas

Per Imp #230001