sad indian2


We are taught to take pride in clan and tribe

But it’s taught through centuries of victimization

We are told we are strong because we survive

But many on the rez’ don’t live – merely exist

We’re told on the leeward side of visions is a better life

But chemical visions are now the trend and bring death

We’ve been taught to take all handouts and even beg for more

Do we only stand tall when standing on the feet of others?

We’re told to focus on our future by not forgetting our past

But crashing is inevitable when you cannot see ahead

We’re taught to sell holy symbols like side-show concessions

And act surprised to live in the desert of disharmony

We’re taught tales by story-changers claiming truth in lies

So even those that listen only hear us as strangers

We’re told a sign of character is in dying well

And so many of us do it well before our time

We taught our children how to die

We forgot to teach them how to live

© JW Thomas


9 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Mary Cathleen Clark May 29, 2016 / 3:55 am

    JW, that just made me plain sad. Not personally, but from what I’ve gathered from reading, I don’t think reservations were the way to go concerning Native Americans, that it is a sort of welfare. I don’t know a better way to have handled the deplorable situation when our government confiscated NA’s lands, but what was done, and the consequences, was not and is not right.

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    • jwtatfbc May 29, 2016 / 3:59 am

      That is true, my friend. But a lot of the problem also lies with the Tribal Counsels that bought into the Gov’t ways and betrayed their own people on many reservations. However, there are several reservations that have lucked out with good tribal members that have really made a difference for the people. But it could have been a lot easier and better if they had not been shafted from the beginning.

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      • Mary Cathleen Clark May 29, 2016 / 4:03 am

        It’s always been the way of it–those with the stronger armies conquer the smaller ones. But that doesn’t make it right.

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      • jwtatfbc May 29, 2016 / 4:05 am

        So very true, my friend. Especially when many who have the stronger armies are also the aggressor that began the fight.

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      • Mary Cathleen Clark May 29, 2016 / 4:12 am

        You know, even though I have some Native American blood in me, I still feel guilty about what our country did…like I share some of the blame. Crazy, my friend.

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      • jwtatfbc May 29, 2016 / 4:16 am

        I’m sure the socio-political activists would like you to feel that way; but don’t buy into it, my compassionate friend. There are far too many reasons that brought about present circumstance, and we had nothing to do with it. All we can do is do the best we can with the knowledge we’re given, and the positions we’re in. And that’s enough for anyone to deal with in their own lives.

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      • Mary Cathleen Clark May 29, 2016 / 4:20 am

        Thank you for being you, JW. 🙂 I’m off to bed now, my wonderful friend. Good night and sweet dreams.

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      • jwtatfbc May 29, 2016 / 4:21 am

        And good night and sweet dreams to you as well, Pretty Lady.

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  2. tiffanybeingfree May 29, 2016 / 11:08 am

    The counsel then becomes the source of perpetuating the very wounds it is set out to prevent. I can see parallels within of any person’s own spiritual journey…the need to see beyond the counsel to see on our own to be free of the lies.
    Thank you for shedding some light, JW. Healing love to you and those on the Rez.


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