Sky Father and Earth Mother

Christ earth

Every opportunity should

be taken to eavesdrop

on interactions between

Sky Father and Earth Mother

Love of Creator for

Creation is infinite

Love of Creation for

Creator is reverent

Like a husband lightly

blowing a caressing

wind along the

supple curves of

his newlywed wife

Sky Father awakens

Mother Earth with

the gentle kiss of breath

Barely perceptible

at times;

nary a flutter of leaf


blade of grass

Alas, sense of arousal

simple and sensual

Does Mother Earth

get goose-pimples?

Unimportant –

arousal is certain

Morning dew is evident

lightly spent

Morning Glory

Observation is key

between finite



Interactions never cease

Spirit Father

one with Mother Nature

sweet release

Daily quest to please

Lunar gravity

push and pull action

Day-Night rotation

emotional delight

Annual orbit

sun-kissed solar fare


beyond compare

to lowly man-

kind and kindred

History ever so brief

and grief through greed

with scars to Earth Mother

She bore humans

woman and man

nurtured and nourished

She’s repaid with pain


misuse and abuse

Sky Father is torn

Pure passion for

planetary paramour

constant need to please

Yet pride in man

deserving discipline

more often than praise

So I spy

on the glories

of Earth and Sky

Childlike observance

of parental paragons

To learn of love

through the whispering wind

and thunderous roar,

through volcanic eruptions

and wave-licked beaches,

through rain-soaked forests

and shifting desert dunes,

through alpine silence

and climatic glacial moans,

and twisters and blusters

and hurricane gales,

tsunamis and rogue-waves

and cavernous wails…

and groans

A peace beyond understanding

Harmony beyond recognition

Marred by human interaction

And yet –

we are their offspring,

the culmination of their love,

with the capacity

to love in return

Sky Father –

teach me to love

my family

as You love yours

Earth Mother –

teach me to nurture

the next generation

from season-to-season

as you do

mother earth1

© JW Thomas


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