I’m not…

I’m not Franken-stupid

I leave that to the President

He’s never been touched by a “truth” bid

There’s too much room in his brain to rent


I’m not Dracu-lame

Like every blood sucking politician

Knowing if they lose the game

They can make it as a mortician


I’m not Mummy-fried

Like every dead thinker in the Senate

Voting like they drank formaldehyde

Open their mouth; stick a big foot in it


I’m not Jekyll-hiding

Like the CEOs in the corporate trade

The moral compass, down it keeps sliding

Screw Grandma, as long as they get paid


I’m not Zombie-crazed

Resembling the judicial system

Cannibalizing honesty

Had the crooks, but said they missed them


I’m not Ghostly-pimped

Selling my soul to elect a fool

Celebrity Ho’s are cheap to rent

Election year, watch Hollywood drool


I’m not Werewolf mooned

Blinded by the light of the spin-doctors

They tell us everything’s going to bring us doom

Unless we give our freedoms to the socialist hucksters


So don’t be Franken-stupid

Don’t be Dracu-lame

Don’t be Mummy-fried

Don’t be Jekyll-hiding

Don’t be Zombie-crazed

Don’t be Ghostly-pimped

And don’t be Werewolf mooned

Keep your moral compass

And stay politically tuned



© JW Thomas


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