Wo(men)’s Stereotypes

[*Collaborative poem by Katie Leavitt and Jerry Thomas]


Men rank TV alongside breathing, steak, and sex

Women watch to find the newest household cleaners.


Women dance in red patent peep-toes to have a good time

Men dance because their date asks, rudely stomping toes.


Men see fashion as another person’s opinion of how to dress

Women know dressing parallels success.


Women eat chocolate because it heals the heart

Men know chocolate heals the relationship.


Men see money as a means to an end

Women know more money equals more shoes.


Women keep the house tidy in case the Queen drops in for tea

Men think their mother is the Queen.


Men view marriage as a loss of freedom

Women marry to play the grown-up version of dress-up.


Women hold funerals for dead pets

Men toast the animals they’ve hunted.


Men doubt this back-and-forth communication has value

Women print it, place it on the mantle, and read it like a manual.



© JW Thomas and Katie Leavitt


3 thoughts on “Wo(men)’s Stereotypes

    • jwtatfbc February 12, 2016 / 5:45 am

      Thank you, Cathy. This was the first time I did a collaborative poem. It was part of a poetry class with published poet Carol Barrett.

      Liked by 1 person

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