They auctioned off the old church today

I feel that our freedom nears the end

When actions like this begin

When “In God we trust” are words to ignore

And I’ve found out they locked the church door


With all the good memories it holds

My heart aches to hear that it’s sold

And how do the town’s people feel?

Discarding the truth for a deal


Yes, they auctioned off the old church today

The place where the town came to pray

Disregarding all the things that it meant

And forgetting that it was heaven sent


I remember town folk at the altar

Shedding tears on bended knees

And when they would stand to walk out

They would feel a lot more at ease


Do they remember God’s promise?

And how He healed their pain

No… they worship the almighty dollar

On the dotted line, here, sign your name


My momma and daddy were baptized

In this old church long ago

How do you think they now feel,

When money rates more than their souls?


© JW Thomas


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