Is chivalry really dead?

You’ve got rock cocaine, it’s the crack attack

And children wearing colors stabbing brothers in the back

You’ve got yuppies climbing ladders, while stepping on some toes

With superiors applauding ‘cause they know just how it goes


You’ve got kids on the street with nothing to wear

While social services discuss the length of hair

You’ve got Mister Farmer losing once again

When is all of this ever going to end?


Is chivalry really dead?

And how does Lady Liberty like blood red?

Why is Uncle Sam in prison grey?

How long will we let it stay this way?

Is chivalry really dead?

Who shot Johnny Honor in the head?

Did Society tear off all her rules

While sucking up to Drugs and Mister Booze?


You’ve got little grandma dying all alone

And frustrated fools having sex on the phone

You’ve got brain-dead adults beating on a child

Cause they don’t have the guts to learn about style


You’ve got “Mother-of-the-Year” killing hubby for scratch

And a dozen new diseases you can easily catch

You’ve got many deceased before full genesis

With courts on the side saying “this is progress.”


You’ve got crook against crook, saying “time to pay the piper.”

And a lady terrorist gaining fame as a sniper

You’ve got banks belly-up cause they just can’t count

Sending money overseas, receiving nothing on account


You’ve got wedding vows now based upon a lie

And preachers in the pulpit who can’t face you eye-to-eye

But the worst of it is, those who still know what’s right

Have lost the courage for the freedom fight


© JW Thomas


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