The True Perfection of Humanity

Per Imp #30001

The true perfection of humanity,

in a sense,

lies within our imperfections.

And vice-versa:

Beauty can be an imperfection.

Doubtless, not the common-thread

we would’ve selected

for ourselves.

Yet a bond, never-the-less,

binding us together.

Humans are equally yoked

in imperfection.

Alas, perfection is merely a state

of mind: often misconceived.

Humanity is a state of being:

a state where we each reside.


Who then, when equally yoked,

has the right to condemn?

Per Imp #200001

Yes, beauty has its appeal,

but it’s still a façade.

After all, today’s beauty

is tomorrow’s has been;

like today’s wannabe

is tomorrow’s never was.

Attempting to uplift oneself

by degrading another;

especially when unable to prove

one’s own perfection; is, sadly,

more than a waste of breath.

It’s a prevailing symptom

of an epidemic.

An ever-increasing pastime…

An ill-inspired comedy of errors…

With but one fate…

a Greek tragedy.

© JW Thomas

Per Imp #230001


2 thoughts on “The True Perfection of Humanity

  1. Deb January 13, 2016 / 4:36 am

    This is beautiful. I loved the pictures and quotes in them too.


    • jwtatfbc January 13, 2016 / 4:48 am

      Thank you. I like to combine my talents when I can for topics I’m passionate about.

      Liked by 1 person

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