Heavenly Play

When ends this play of man there will be an actors’ toast,

backstage within this theater of our gracious Heavenly Host.

There will be no need for floodlights, footlights, or the spots,

as illumination will be evident from He who called the shots.

And if you had a leading role or just a bit part in the play,

remember that it’s not the length, but the actions and the say.

For not one of them escaped the perfect directorial eye

of He who set the cues and times when the play would live and die.

Should you make it to this toast, instead of the roast revue,

you’ll know you stayed in character and hit the most important cue.

So onward act across the stage as we near the final scene,

baring our thoughts and souls in the text of the Writer’s dream.


© JW Thomas


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