Questions of Guilt

While I was reading an article in a magazine one day

I started wondering about people: How do they lose their way?

How can a man hope to reconcile with his wife

after he has beaten her to within an inch of her life?

Was he simply stupid? Or did he just lose control?

Or is the evil in him from an unseen spirit foe?

And then there is the student that drops out with suicide.

Was it done ‘cuz no one listened or some crazy mixed-up pride?

And what of the young girl selling more than just her soul?

So convinced that it’s better than the life she used to know.

How should we see the parent that caused this child to runaway…

and search for life upon the streets with no knowledge of how to pray?

Then we find the parent’s a victim too, controlled by drugs and alcohol.

Yet, should we not all bear some guilt for each bad decision call?

Did they not know at least one of us that knew a better way?

Why did that one not speak up when they had something good to say?

So each of those with problems, with the excuse, “I never heard,”

share partial guilt with those of us who stood silent with the Word.


© JW Thomas


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