Question regarding the Word of God

I read a post on another site today that appeared to question the divine inspiration of God’s Word. It is one of those questions that can never be truly answered with 100% certainty, since none of us were there. However, we each can base our beliefs on our experiences and knowledge. What follows is my comment to that blog:

Have you ever heard of the unction of the Holy Spirit? There have been many times in my life when I felt led to do something for no apparent reason or in contrast to what I had intended to do. And, inevitably, if I performed that which I felt urged to do a feeling of joy enveloped me in a way that would never have happened if I simply did what I had originally intended prior to the subtle but persistent urge. And many times I would later learn that the action I followed through with blessed one or more individuals in a way, and with needs, that I was unaware of.

I have since learned that this is part of the unction of the Holy Spirit. As a Christian I believe the Bible was set down through divine inspiration: the unction of the Holy Spirit. However, as a human, can I attest to the complete infallibility of the Bible (especially with so many variations of the Bible out nowadays and throughout history)? The most honest answer a human, with all our faults, can give is “no.” Only God knows for sure if those He touched with divine inspiration followed through to the letter. But one thing I do know beyond all doubt is that I have witnessed things that cannot be explained by science or natural laws. And I believe a perfect God can easily take something fallible and use it for good… and for His glory.

God’s Word has always been a message of hope. Whether humanity has always used it for that purpose is another story. However, evolution (by itself) has never been a message of hope. It tells humanity they are nothing more than an accident of nature with no real purpose beyond existing from birth to death. Only by attaching the initiation and instituting of natural laws by a supernatural intelligent Creator (Intelligent Design) can any hope be found in those  theories.



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