You Rock My World!

What rocks my world? – In a sense, you do. And I mean that truthfully. Because I believe everyone has not one, but many stories to tell. That includes you.

Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, as my grandmother use to say, I’ve experienced or observed both the worst and best of what humans do to each other. And it still fascinates me.

I’ve experienced everything from the gang infested streets of L.A. to the pain of military service; in fact, I’m a partially disabled Vet. I’ve also seen victims and culprits during a dozen years of investigative and security work. I’ve even worked as a morgue transportation driver. Thus, I’ve witnessed the extremes from sociopathic evil to heroic sacrifice. And it never ceases to amaze – this thing called Human Nature, or the Human Condition.

Consequently, after observing, experiencing, or participating in these acts or events, I’m compelled to utilize them in some creative format or outlet in such a way that they may inspire, exhort, or teach others. Poems, songs, art, animation, comedy, writing, and even scripts have been used as outlets for me to share the interesting aspects of the human factor.

The facet of this whole process that I find special; in fact, sometimes it just blows me away, is when people come up to me long after the fact with a compliment. And I’m not talking about the courtesy compliment, like “that was a good song,” or “I really liked your play.” They’re all fine and good, but those rare golden moments are even better when someone comes up and says, ”that song has been dear to my heart for years… you helped me through a real bad time.” Or, “I learned so much in that piece you did.” Or, “that character I got to perform in your play is still the most interesting and down to Earth character I’ve done.”

You see, that’s what really makes human nature amazing. Not just to think, but to know, that something I experienced, or witnessed someone just like you doing, can then be used to change another person’s life for the better.

So I’ll continue to be me, and I hope you stay that special you that I love to observe in human nature – because the divine creation of God, human nature, rocks my world!

Thank you.

Now allow me to ask you the same question: what rocks your world?



“Even majestic gardens can begin

with a single bloom.”


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