Laugh therapy

During my aging process I have continued to take classes at local colleges, like OSU, as well as online courses. I enjoy challenges and I love to learn. During one of the health classes I took to further my degree aspirations I was introduced to Laugh Therapy. Up until this particular class I used my extensive video and DVD collection, along with the stand-up routines at the local comedy club to give me moments of much needed laughter.

Karen, my late wife, and I used to laugh all the time together. But without her in my life the comedy club and DVDs are about it. So it was a rather interesting experience to come to class and simulate laughter.

However, I must admit that during the moments it changed from simulated to real laughter was definitely the best. Some of the physical antics performed during the class were way off my grid where comedy and absurdity reside, but even though I felt a good portion of it would go over better on Sesame Street or Romper Room I went ahead with it just for the experience. And it was kind of a kick to see how others really got into it.

I guess my age and past experiences worked against me during this. It just seemed more juvenile than I would’ve expected. However, overall, it was an okay experience. But I will continue to get my laughs through good film comedies or good stand-up routines: and, of course, good friends with a sense of humor (and good pranks when the opportunity comes).

Laughter is good therapy. Many studies show that it truly does have healing qualities. So however you choose to maintain your sense of humor, please continue to do so. It makes the World a better place.

© JW Thomas

Booby-trapped the Sgt. Major's jeep0001

[Booby-trapped the Sgt. Major’s jeep as a prank.]


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