Boo hoo! Free Speech Zones on campus

Over 400 colleges and universities now have so-called politically correct “Speech Codes.” And a growing number of those campuses have actually relegated our constitutionally protected Freedom of Expression to small areas (some of them very small areas).

The need for “Free Speech Zones” on college campuses in America! That is truly a new low in the standards of our alleged institutions of “higher” learning. Now that is offensive! And the kicker is, while it once was faculty that encouraged such foolishness, the recent trend shows the so-called progressive “we’re entitled” students are now spearheading the movement. Obviously they no longer want to learn, they want to be babysat and protected from all of life’s alternate possibilities that may challenge their infantile but comfortable state of mind.

The following is my opinion of the new “poor, poor pitiful me” student trend:

Boo hoo! (Sniffle snert, whine-whine, whaa-whaa!)

Boo hoo!

You have us crying for you

You sit there so weak and blue

How can you be expected to

Study in your new school

Cuz’ someone has “offended” you


Boo hoo!

You advocate speaking rules

Led along by PC gurus

Who’d rather see you grow up fools

Ignorant of critical thinking tools

Like Freedom of Speech and the Right to Choose


Boo hoo!

You play the “victim card,” you do

We see “entitlement” is for you

You really haven’t got a clue

Why the wise old owl asks, “Who?”

So you live the opposite of true


Sniffle snert!

Did a bad word make you hurt?

Shall we change your diaper and shirt?

Are your panties wadded under your skirt?

Is discomfort causing you to blurt…

Out this no more free speech “doo-doo” dirt?



Gosh, I’m a mean ol’ swine

Cuz’ I won’t toe your PC line

And I think Free Speech is mighty fine

In fact, I’m sure we’ll never align…

Till you burn your “No free speech” sign



Shall we burp you now with “oohs and aahs?”

Or take your temperature just because

Somebody’s words make you want a “ba-ba?”


But I still have hope

Someday when you can see how PC laws

And the PC Police

Are nothing but a social disease…

You too can have “big boy briefs” or “big girl panties”


Now remember to walk in a straight line to university classes… children.


© JW Thomas 2015


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