Everyone has a story

Everyday trials are God’s way of strengthening character and faith. You exercise your body to get stronger. Well, you need to exercise your faith too. But most people seem to forget it’s a two-part system. You exercise your body so you can keep going; doing the things you need to do. Similarly, when your faith is strengthened it’s to be used to accomplish spiritual tasks. And one of those tasks is to use the personal experience as an inspirational life-lesson to others. It is not hard to do. You simply need to witness or give testimony about an experience, and how God brought you through, or what lesson you learned.

Unfortunately, as seen with the continuing decline of our society’s spiritual welfare, most Christians waste the valuable experiences they have been blessed with, endured, and overcome. They fail to pass the lessons on. So the inspiration and positive lessons are never allowed to go forth and be fruitful by helping others gain faith so they too may overcome. And that’s not God’s fault. It is the failure of each of us who carelessly discard the inspirational value of every life event we’ve experienced, endured, overcome, and then failed to pass on for the benefit of others; and for the glory of God. And do we really believe the numerous excuses used throughout the ages are credible? Are we so gullible? If you don’t think you have to answer to God for each missed opportunity you’re sadly mistaken.

It does not mean we all have to knock on doors or jump on the next mission trip to a third world country. But God does expect us to use our god-given abilities to witness and testify in His name. God’s great commission applies to each of us.

I don’t knock on doors. I don’t preach in a pulpit. But I do use the talents God blessed me with to share my testimony and His Word. I’ve shared with writings: fiction and nonfiction. I’ve shared with art, music, and various live performances. I’ve shared at various churches and other venues. And I’m now sharing on the internet so it can go forth for God 24/7.

Join me. Every life-lesson you have experienced is worthy of testimony and should be shared. And it does not need to be hard or complicated. Focus on one event, theme, or lesson during an upcoming conversation with someone you know who can use some inspiration. Just do what the Spirit leads. And do it for the right reason, as a testimony to inspire others and glorify God. Think of it as a personal ministry. After all, we have all asked God to constantly do things for us. Shouldn’t we, likewise, do what we can for Him?

Just remember, we all have stories to tell.


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